We just want to be loved, is that so wrong?

Actually, we just want you to love your GPS. We know…you can’t remember how you lived without it.  But soon, that once-welcome voice will get old and boring (just like someone you know) and you’ll want to spice things up a bit. But instead of divorcing your GPS because you’re bored, we’re here to give it a “voice-lift”, perhaps a “personality-transplant.”  You won’t recognize her…I mean “it” when we’re through.  But you will remember how fun it is to drive again.

About Us

PIGtones.com is a GPS software company that offers Garmin and Tom Tom GPS users the ability to download cool, funny and even irreverent new voices to their devices, replacing the boring standard voices that come with the units. Offering celebrity and Hollywood character parodies, cultural personalities like a redneck, a NY cabbie, a mafia wise guy and even a hot sultry vixen that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to hear…Pigtones lives up to its promise of “Politically Incorrect GPS”..hence the P.I.G.

Our mission is to do for GPS what ringtones did for cell phones. People have love affairs with their GPS systems once they first turn them on. Just like cell phones, many wonder how they ever lived without the handy little device. That love affair usually fades (as all seem to do) with time and hearing the same bland voice over and over and over. How many times can you hear the polite digital lady tell you to “please make a U‐Turn” before you turn the volume off (if only it were that easy in real life).

Those days are over because now everyone who buys the hottest tech item on the market, GPS, gets to personalize it with their favorite voice.

A P.I.G. Is Born

It all started with a long, snowy road trip from Idaho, south through Colorado and home to Texas. After hours of driving in a blizzard, co‐founders Dale Hensel and Ryan Harper were reliant on the GPS to keep them on the road since they couldn’t see anything but white. Hours went by and we began going crazy hearing the same voice. We started dubbing our own voice like in the kung fu movies. “Can you even download custom voices?” we thought, “and are there any funny ones?”

Everyone we told the idea to slapped their foreheads with the “why didn’t I think of that” look.

We hired professional voice talent to record the voices and characters we wanted on there for the inaugural launch. We didn’t realize how hard it would be to create the software until we were neck deep. This stuff is complex…for us. But it has to be ridiculously easy for our customers. And it IS.

In May of 2008 PIGTONES.COM was launched officially and results have been outstanding. The future looks very bright as there are already at least 50 more voices in the pipeline and there are plans for actual celebrity endorsements in the works with their real voices. The agent of one popular celebrity recently commented “What a great way to keep my client’s persona in front of his fans day‐in and dayout.  This is tremendous exposure!”

In addition to voice tones, PIGtones also offers very popular POI (Points Of Interest) Maps that will give you numerous GPS points that you can automatically download and they all revolve around a certain theme.

For instance, there is one POI bundle that will tell you when you’re approaching all the Red Light Traffic Cameras at intersections across the country. That feature alone can save more money than driving a Toyota Prius down a hill in neutral with the A/C off!

The “Salesman Bundle” of POI has everything that a salesman should need on the road Auto repairs, Hotels, Bars,Resteraunts,rest areas, routes,and even adult entertainment clubs.
Dale Hensel, co‐founder says ”we really have something for everyone.”