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(Easy Step by Step Directions Below)


First of all thank you for being one of our customers (or soon to be customers)!

As my way of saying thank you for you continued support and all the referrals we get I want to give back in some way. Ok I also want flat out bribe you!   So, to get you to help us spread the word about the Great GPS Voices, I’m willing to flat out BRIBE you!  Not only will you have a ton of fun, spread the word, build a BIG community to network with – but also you’ll win some AWESOME prizes along the way!

Help Us Build The Pigtones Community & You Can Win Cool Prizes!

Pure and Simple. This is mostly about us all participating and having some FUN. Building a great community of people who love to laugh at life and enjoy the little things like cracking up and making wrong turns on purpose just to the GPS will say something funny again.


Here is what we’re Giving Away:

16 GB WI-Fi Apple iPad (value $499)

Fully Loaded Garmin Nuvi With All the GPS Voices (value $569)

Every GPS Voice We Got and Ever will create Pack (value as of today $339)

1 Free GPS Voice

This is just the beginning, heck we may decide to add even more!  But the SOONER you start, the better and more chances you have of winning.


Listen to win a prize, you don’t have to do much work at all. It’s NOT all about who has the “most” points. You can just have ONE point and still have a chance to win!

Heck, if all you do is “like” my Facebook page – you’ll get 100 points alone. So, it’s easy to win…


OK, What Exactly Do I Need To Do To Win These Cool Prizes?

Let’s keep this real SIMPLE.  Just follow the 3 steps below. After that, I give you 11 options on how to earn MORE points.

Do them all or just do the ones you want – YOUR CHOICE!

The more you do, the more points you earn, the more likely you are to win your share of the prizes!

STEP1: Have You Signed Up yet?

Just fill in your E-mail below if you have not already and you’re officially registered for the contest.

You’ll get a UNIQUE URL to use when you talk about Pigtones Super Cool Contest. This link allows us to track people back to you.  Why?  Because you get points for spreading the news about Pigtones all over the Internet! (Please do not start spamming the social media networks be legit)



Step 2: Start with Facebook and twitter 

Fill in the information below and you’ll IMMEDIATELY start getting points! We’ll simply make a Tweet on your behalf and post a message on your Facebook wall on your behalf – that’s it.

This is 100% SAFE and your privacy is protected. We do NOT store your access information, we just go in any post the following messages for you!


That’s it – even if Step #2 is ALL you ever do, you automatically qualify for our Daily drawings, so the SOONER you do this, the MORE chances you have to win!

Step3: Here Are the 11 Things We are Rewarding with Points


1. Facebook Page Like – 100 Points

 Simple. Just Like my Facebook page! I’m trying to go more “social” lately and anyways, you’ll get Great free offers that no one else will ever see – so its a win-win

2. Subscribe to Our YouTube Account – 50 Points

 Same as the Facebook one above. When we do cool videos you’ll be the first to know and again I’m trying to take Pigtones Viral!

3. Facebook Wall Comment (link to our contest) -25 Points

 This is easy make a Facebook comment Just put a comment on you FB wall and use your special link to link to our contest!

4. Leave a comment on the Blog Post using the Facebook Widget  - 25 Points

 This is easy use the Facebook comment option on one of the voices post after you like it icon smile Pigtones  Spread the Word & Win! That way all your friends can see how cool Pigtones is and see link to our contest and help out even more!

6. Our Pre-done Tweet (Auto-Tweet)  - 25 Points

 Fill in your information and allow up to Auto-post a Tweet to your account. It’s 100% safe and private.

7. Our Pre- Done Facebook Message (Auto Facebook )  -25 Points

 Same as above but just using Facebook

8. Submit Youtube Video Create fun, funny videos for Pigtones  -1000 Points

 Yes that is a ton of points! We want to see some really creative videos of our custom GPS voices in Action! So give a response to our video with one of your own!

9. Refer others to the Contest   - 100 Points

 When someone clicks your link and then joins the contest , you’ll get 100 free points for them just showing up!

10. Just sign up — 100 Points

 This one is pretty self explanatory

11.You Tube Comments  - 50 Points

 Same as Facebook comments leave a comment on our YouTube page.

Getting Points Fast- Quick Step by Step Checklist…

7 Simple Ways You Can Start Earning Maximum Points & Win The Big Prizes


1. Facebook Page “like”

Simply Log-in to your Facebook account go to our Face book fan page:


Hit the Like Button

2. Facebook Wall Comment

Just put a comment on your FB wall and use your special contest link

3. Our Pre-Done Tweet

Fill in your info and allow us to auto post

4. Submit YouTube Video

1000 Points! We want to see some really creative videos of our custom GPS voices in Action! So give a response to our video with one of your own!

5. Write Articles For Directories – Use Your Special link in your Author box

Really Easy. Write an article about your  great experience with Pigtones voices submit it to article directories. Just type in article directories in Google and you will have a ton of places to post these.

6. Write a Press Release – Use Our Link in Your Release

Just go here:


and submit the Press-Release just like you did a article. Again make sure you use your special link in the release to get credit.

7. Forum Marketing – NoSpamming (Put your Link in the Signature File)

Find your favorite forums and start participating in them. Just leave good messages and start new discussions.


Remember We Will Have Weekly Drawings! There is No Time to Waste– Start Spreading the Word Now!

Listen, every HOUR you waste, someone else is stealing your points right from under you!

All you need to is fill the form below and follow the steps above and you can start right away! SO, GET TO IT!


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