For Pigtones Tom Tom GPS voice install

* Before copying any files across to your TOM TOM or deleting any files, be sure to keep a back up of all files on your TOM TOM, this can be done by simply selecting all files and making a copy and locating them on your computer. If you do lose your original files, and would like a copy, please see for additional ORGINAL VOICES, as we will keep a version of original voices on line until further notice

* The file you have downloaded from our site is a zip file. To unzip this file and access the nessesary voice file simple right click on the file and select “Extract all”. On older Windows platforms you may have to use WinZip, which if not already installed can be downloaded for free on the internet.

* Within the unzipped folder find the following file


* To connect your TOM TOM to your computer please connect your usb cable to the port on your TOM TOM and to your computers USB socket.
o Please allow a few seconds for your computer to recognize the device.

* Double click on the TOMTOM.EXE file. The voice will be automatically installed for you. Vista owners may need to click ├Čallow├« to allow the file to install.

* Disconnect your TOM TOM from the USB cable and the cable from your computer, switch on your TOM TOM. The TOM TOM will now recognize the new celebrity voice. The celebrity voice will now be installed under the language UK Female.

* Your new PIGTONE should now be installed and ready to use.

Please enjoy safely,
If you still have more questions please open a Support Ticket here for fast response