Why did we create the voice vault ? Because once you have 1 GPS voice you will need them all! We got lots of requests that people wanted a simple way to keep track of all the voices they purchased and have a automatic discount on all the new voices that came out. See what purchase option is right for you.

What is the Voice Vault?

"Voice Vault" is a membership in which you will receive 1 free GPS voice per month and unlimited access to all the 1000's of POI maps in the Vault.

Which payment options are offered? Do you support PayPal?

We currently only accept Mastercard and Visa credit card payments. Soon we will offer paypal as an additional payment method.

How do become a Voice Vault member?

When purchasing a gps voice, Garmin or TomTom, you will see a checkbox below the shopping cart. Leave this checkbox enabled on purchase and you will be enrolled in the "Voice Vault" membership. If you remove the check from this box, you will not be enrolled in the "Voice Vault" membership.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Log into your PIG Tones account. Upon logging in you will land on the "dashboard" page. At the top of this page will be all your active subscriptions. To the right of the "Voice Vault" membership, you will see a cancel button. Click this button only if you are certain you no longer wish to take advantage of Voice Vault's 1 free GPS Voice monthly as well as access to 1000's of Point of Interest (POI) maps.

What support access is available?

Currently, you will need to contact us, using our "contact us" form or email us at: support (at) pigtones (dot) com. We are currently in the midst of implementing a support forum for all PIG Tones customers who have purchased a voice and/or are enrolled in the "Voice Vault" membership.


One Time Purchase Only

Voice Vault Membership

Starting at $9.97 Free (1 MONTH TRIAL) with GPS Voice Purchase
Monthly Payments
No Monthly Payments $5.97 / month
Bonus Voices
None 1 Free Voice per Month
Unlimited POI Maps
Not Included Included
Support Access
Included Included
Product Updates
Included Included